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Since established in 2007, Motivo Inc Pte Ltd has become one of the outstanding corporate interior design firm in Singapore. Our wealth of experience with local and multi-national companies in Singapore and across the region professes our abilities to address different design requirements with an admirable delivery and client satisfaction. Read more


Our company provides the highest level of professional service, offering multi-disciplinary expertise in pre-lease planning, strategic workplace planning, interior designing, procurement and construction, and environment sustainable design. These complementary services achieve quality, cost and time efficiencies for clients from project inception to full completion. Read more


We fully recognise the importance of professional acumen and have an experienced team of interior designers and project managers who are dedicated to work collectively and constructively on each project to yield the best results. Meeting expectations and providing prompt services to clients are our constant commitment to the design industry. Read more


Project programs are made easier with our client-focused approach through planning, development, execution, delivery and post-project services. Our varied experience in the interior design industry allows us to guide our clients systematically throughout the design engagement process.

In the early project briefing, we will layout the design objectives and desired project outcomes with the client and other stakeholders. We ensure that the essence of project objectives is maintained for the client and coordinated among all team members. The design parameters and objectives are scrutinized and creatively articulated from the design brief. During construction stage, we will lead the design structure, and ensure the quality of construction and smooth delivery of the project. We seek to value-add to the project sustainability and safe work practices during construction to ensure zero harm from inception to completion.

Our commitment to client satisfaction does not mark the end of the relationship with our clients. We continue to serve our project owners in many ways to make sure that every aspect of the project meets their expectations, and so that our post-construction services serve as the bridge to our next project and to foster a long term business relationship.

  • Defining
  • Deployment
  • Planning
  • Brainstorm
  • Implement
  • Coordinate
  • Feedback

1. Define the scope and understand the client’s requirements.

2. Develop the project parameters and expectations of the project.

3. Master planning on space utilization, project program and budget.

4. Brainstorm ideas in a cohesive manner.

5. Implement and develop conceptual to documentation.

6. Lead and coordinate the project team with the same vision.

7. Obtain feedback and carry out enhancement program.

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Our Team

Our team is the core essence to the success of your project. Every team player is committed, highly competent and dedicated to timely delivery of project excellence. The team adheres to our vision and mission founding principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Personnel is prudently selected to be assigned to each project ensuring that the individual possesses the relevant experience in similar scale, nature and program pace of the project.

Mellisa Hartono

Mellisa Hartono

Design Manager.

Read more.
Lim Ai Li

Lim Ai Li

Finance & Human Resources.

Allan Goh

Allan Goh

Construction Manager.

Wang Yan

Wang Yan

Senior 3D Designer.

Kathy Tan

Kathy Tan

Interior Designer.

Yong Jun Keat

Yong Jun Keat

Senior Designer.

Ni Xiao Jun

Ni Xiao Jun

3D Artist.

Career With Us

Motivo Inc Pte Ltd is an empowered and motivating place to develop your passion and build your career in the interior design industry. As a continual growth, we are constantly searching for great talent to join our energetic and creative team.

We would like to invite the excitement in you to join the team. Please submit your curriculum vitae to Admin@Motivo.com.sg indicating your interest and area of expertise.

Contact Us

There is nothing better than collaborating with good people with the same visionary and passion!

Please fill the form OR email directly to the relevant personnel for enquiries:
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Michelle Goy S H
Project Director
Alan Chong H J

Address: 88 Club Street

Singapore 069456

Phone: (65) 6534 9406
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