Pre-Lease Planning.

Identifying the appropriate location and floor plate that suit your business and operational requirements is critical. Hence we provide analysis and test fits for lease evaluation before your commitment to the real estate.

Strategic Workplace Planning.

We analyze the organization’s situation and its environment and how it may be developed in the future. This will enable the space to be designed and constructed to maximize flexibility for ongoing changes. We then define the objectives after the evaluation and map the possible route. We will optimize your real estate to achieve maximum utilization in providing a conducive workplace experience for all users and visitors.

Interior Designing.

We balance and articulate the aesthetics with operational practicality to create an interior that will be able to sustain the test of time.

We explore possibilities and constraints of the situation by applying professional experience through innovative research method to create new understanding towards better design solutions. We will redefine specification of design solutions with the integration and coordination of engineering and technology.

We also prototype the possible scenarios for better design solutions that will incrementally or significantly improve the originally inherited situation and will increase the value of your investment.

Procurement and Construction.

Our project team is stringent in executing expectations within the project program and allocated budget with high quality deliverables. They are constantly enriching and improving themselves on the processes and procedures for innovation and efficiency on site.

We embed Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) consciousness into the project, enabling earlier identification of risks, effective targeting of efforts in priority and elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy.

Environment Sustainable Design.

We create environmentally conscious design and provide services to comply with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability without compromising the bottom line. Sustainable design principles include the ability to:

  • Optimize site potential.
  • Minimize non-renewable energy consumption.
  • Apply environmentally preferable products and materials.
  • Reduce carbon foot print impact.
  • Enhance indoor environmental quality.
  • Optimize operational and maintenance practices.